Campers - Do It Yourself: Camper Awning

Many Campers and RV (recreational vehicle) units have their own built in canopies in there camper for more comfortable relaxing. Most people will not want to pay the extra couple hundred dollars to get this canopy though. And now you don't have to. Read this article and you can make your own canopy on your camper for much less in price.

Measure the height of your Campers. You're going to want to keep a good measurement handy because your awning will need to be long enough and wide enough to offer the proper protection, from the sun or from the rain. Buy tent poles. You'll want to get tent poles that are three-fourths the height of the camper to give proper protection. Fasten one edge of the awning to the roof of the camper over the door, putting equal amounts of the awning on either side of the door to give the awning symmetry. Depending on the type of material your camper is made of you might be able to hammer in some nails to hook the awning on. Attach the other edge to the tent poles and stretch the awning away from the camper. Don't go too far, you don't want to rip the awning or tear out the adhesive hooks. Also, don't be too near the camper or no one will be able to keep the awning out of their faces. Tie the tent poles out to keep them stable. You'll need tent stakes to keep the ropes stable. Once this is set up, enjoy your canopy.

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